UU Women in Action: Restore Us to Memory Service

Sarah Dan Twinkle Margaret Salt 11-11-2018 lwrs

The Goddesses Mnemosyne and Brigid were featured in Plymouth New Hampshire on Sunday, November 11th as the worship team explored together the Soul Matters Sharing Circle November theme of Memory. The service entitled “Restore Us to Memory” included a ritual led by Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning that was designed for participants to retrieve the parts of themselves that have been given to (or taken by) others over time, so they may reclaim them to be whole. The congregation was also led in singing meditation by UU Musician Sarah Dan Jones with the words of the Navajo chant by Jody Healy,
“When you were born
you cried
and the world rejoiced;
Live your life
so that when you die
the world cries
and you rejoice.”
(Members of the Women With Wings singing group at UUSB in Bangor, Maine will be well familiar with this chant!)
Worship Associate Margaret Salt did an exquisite reading abridged from Sheryl Crow’s song “Love Will Remain” (originally scored for Rev. Marilyn Sewell’s “Raw Faith” film).
Below is a link to the reading and the sermon to follow.

Restore Us to Memory from SKUUF Plymouth NH on Vimeo.




Springtime Updates

We are delighted to announce that there is a collaborative UU Women’s leadership event to take place in Boston, MA Autumn 2018 facilitated by UU Women and Religion, the UU Women’s Federation and the International Women’s Convocation. We will share more details as they become available. In the meantime we are delighted to share this invocation to June:


wintery dec 2017 sangerville

Mid-Winter approaches

Gretchen and Twinkle are gearing up to take the Shared Leadership and Circle Model of Group Facilitation on the road. Originally we were planning a Ferry Beach Retreat in Maine as part of our Winter Women Gathering, yet the timing did not work out with the schedule so we will be offering something later this year at Ferry Beach. We also hoped to be included in the workshops at General Assembly this year, yet were not selected so are looking at alternate options for gathering women together at GA.

In the meantime, we are putting together a calendar that will introduce this program to each of our UUA Regions. Check back soon for details. Also, please visit our UUWR (UU Women and Religion) website for national and international news.

If you have a gathering you would like us to help promote, please let us know.


Lancey Street Trees 2017-10-24

Autumn Notes 2017

Autumn leaves remind us of the nature of change.  This is the time of year we look forward to turning inward to the call of discovering what guides us. Releasing summer and anticipating winter.

UU Women’s Heart is working with UU Women and Religion and UU Women’s Federation to create programs that will bring the Circle Model of Shared Leadership widely throughout our denomination.  Gretchen, Twinkle and Liz are collaborating to put forth proposals for the 2018 GA as well as workshops at retreats. We will keep you posted on this.



Introducing Shared Leadership Workshop



This Train-the-Trainers workshop is based on Liz Fisher’s Shared Leadership using the Circle Model of Group Facilitation  manuscript and is facilitated by the Co-Conveners of UU Women and Religion(UUWR): Gretchen Ohmann and Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning.

Liz Fisher is also the author of the Rise Up and Call Her Name curriculum and is part of the core leadership group of UUWR who are bringing this new Shared Leadership program forward. Should you wish to include this workshop in your retreat, please contact UU Women and Religion.

We hope to present this at GA in 2018!

flowers twinkles place august 2017

Summertime Notes

As part of an emerging UU Women and Religion project, UU Women’s Heart is delighted to be assisting facilitate Train-the-trainer style retreats for women who desire to learn the skills of Shared Leadership and The Circle Model. Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning and Gretchen Ohmann will be lead facilitators, in deep appreciation of collaborative consultation of Liz Fisher and Patti Clark on this four-person transition team.

Twinkle and Gretchen will be seeking to partner with other UU Women leaders with specific spiritual offerings of their own to bring to the workshops.  As well as collaborating with UU Women’s Heart, the team will be working with Womens Retreat Groups in other UU Regions.

We will be posting the calendar of events in September.

Enjoy every blessing the summertime offers!

lilacs twinkles place

Spring is in the Air

We are delighted at Spring’s arrival in the New England Region.

Over the months since our last post, much contemplation has gone into envisioning how we can best serve each other and our faith.

Plans are in formation now for our Winter Women Retreat at Ferry Beach in 2018.  UU Women in New England who wish to help co-create this, please contact:


We also look forward to seeing our sisters in Faith at GA this year in New Orleans.  Find us at the UU Women and Religion Table!

wintertime ice 3

Wintertime Notes

We are deep in Wintertime in the New England Region.  About to embark on a new era of our country’s history, even as we continue steadfastly on the path of our UU progress.  For ours is a living tradition, growing and evolving as we all do.

2017 will see us gathering together as we share stories, connect, and lift one another up.

List of events continues to be published.  Keep an eye on our Event’s page. 

For those wishing to coordinate gatherings in their communities and congregations, please let us know and we will assist in promotion and preparations as needed.

Wishing you the Blessings of the New Year!

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Autumn Notes

w Fall-Leaves

As we look towards the fast approaching wintertime, we are excited to share that we will be introducing a calendar of events for the New England Region beginning in 2017.

Our goal will be to collaborate and support UU women all over the world, even as we serve the Region we are in.

Check back for calendar updates and events near you!