UU Women’s Heart is in its inception period at present.  Curating sources, resources and council members in needed areas.

The ultimate purpose of UU Women’s Heart is to build community, create opportunities for women to come together to explore their spirituality in a shared experience with other women, and to provide resources for seekers and training for those who wish to step into leadership roles in their home church, in their district, in their region, and beyond.

Our first step is leading a discovery of who, which groups and areas, are doing this well, and supporting and promoting them in ways we can.  The second phase will be to help emerge gatherings and groups where the need is great.

In partnership with the Unitarian Universalist Women’s Leadership Institute (UUWLI) and UU Women and Religion (UUWR), along with other supporting organizations, UU Women’s Heart facilitates curriculum designed to help grow leadership skills of women currently active as leaders, as well as women desiring to step into leadership roles within their congregation, district, region, and within the greater UUA.

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Delighted GA!!

UU Women’s Heart founder, “Twinkle” Marie Manning was delighted to be at GA last month with the amazing Gretchen Ohmann of UU Women and Religion!!!


What a wonderful way to be connecting with UU Women from throughout the USA, and truly all around the world! Their table was filled with information and works of UU Women, and feminist literature.

There was also a beautiful Red Tent set up, where we spend significant time and made new friends!!