Welcome to UU Women’s Heart.

UU Women’s Heart has been slowly emerging over the past several years. Cultivating both online and in-person programming, it is based in the UU New England Region even as it collaborates and supports UU Women all over the world. 

The purpose of UU Women’s Heart is to lift up existing and emerging UU Women’s groups and organizations by building community, creating opportunities for women to come together to explore their spirituality in a shared experience with other women, and to provide resources for seekers and training for those who wish to step into leadership roles in their home church, in their district, in their region, and beyond.

In partnership with UU Women and Religion (UUWR), along with other supporting organizations, UU Women’s Heart facilitates curriculum designed to help grow leadership skills of women currently active as leaders, as well as women desiring to step into leadership roles within their congregation, district and region.  More than anything, our goal is to help connect UU Women with each other.

We are accepting nominations for leadership programs, committees and councils for both UUWomen’s Heart and UU Women and Religion.

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