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Originally ‘UU Women’s Heart’, the purpose of this page is to lift up existing and emerging Women’s spirituality groups and organizations by building community, creating opportunities for women to come together to explore their spirituality in a shared experience with other women, and to provide resources for seekers and training for those who wish to step into leadership roles in their home church and beyond.
In partnership with Unitarian Universalist Women and Religion, along with other supporting organizations, UU Women’s Heart facilitated curriculum designed to help grow leadership skills of women currently active as leaders. We are grateful for them.
More than anything, our goal is to help connect Women with each other. To that end, we now work with several different religious organizations to foster women’s spirituality in deeper ways. We welcome grants and donations to help create resources and support women’s ministries, as well as to publish books, including ritual manuscripts and anthologies series and more.
This page is mostly unmoderated and used primarily to share links and resources to other women’s spirituality programs.
Join Women’s Interfaith Spirituality Group:
The founder of this group is Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Manning, senior minister of The Church of Kineo – an interfaith ministry. For more information about her varied ministries, visit:
For UU-specific information, the only organization we can in good conscience recommend is “UU Women and Religion” who are impeccable with their word and actions.
Their store contains many resources:
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