Some of our Districts and Regions have become very adept at gathering their women together, such as:

UU Women’s Connection in the MidAmerica Region

Women’s Week at Ferry Beach Retreat Center in Saco, Maine each August

UU Women’s Spirit events in at The Mountain Retreat Center, North Carolina each Spring and Autumn

UU Women’s Convocation international events

UU SouthWest Women‘s annual events

Women and Religion Pacific Central Region events

One emerging location is our New England Region where our council is beginning to plan our first Women’s Retreat.

At GA UU Women & Religion(UUWR) and UU Women’s Federation always have a strong presence and a place for all UU Women’s groups to come, spend time, and host gatherings.

UU Women’s Heart is interested in supporting these groups, gatherings and events and supporting the emergence of others.

We work with UUWR to facilitate workshops and programs that are designed to support our women leaders.

Some long-term goals would be to see the existence of events in each district and region.  International, as well as congregational, events being planned as well.

Our lives being as busy as they are, it can be challenging to find the time for women to meet in person, but we encourage congregations of all sizes to considering hosting Minerva Gatherings and Circles:

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Minerva Gatherings & Minerva Potlucks

These gatherings are a time for spiritual renewal and nourishment.

A safe space for all women of UU congregations to connect with one another, share food, conversation and spiritual exploration.

Based on the Jewish tradition of Rosh Chodesh (Rosh Hodesh),

the celebration of the beginning of each month in the Jewish calendar;

Minerva Gatherings are a diverse celebration of women and femininity.

Minerva is the Goddess of Wisdom and Poetry.  

At our monthly potlucks and gatherings, we will share both.  

  • We encourage you to establish a monthly date on your congregation’s calendar where all the women of your community may gather.  An important offering for women in your congregation to more deeply connect with each other.  These potlucks can also be used as an outreach -whereby you may invite women in your extended communities to attend.  As well as an inter-faith, where you reach across the street to other denominations inviting their women to participate in your gatherings. We will provide Hosts templates, reading materials and links to resources should they wish to host Minerva Circles.

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We have an online offering coming soon:

  • Virtual Minerva Gatherings to be released on the new moon each month. 
  • Virtual Minerva Workshops and study groups. As well as be provided with templates of how to organize local Minerva Circles, these gatherings will be in webinar/Zoom format, where attendees can log in, submit and share poetry, questions, spiritual connection. Access to materials will also be made available online.

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Invitations are extended to all other Regions and Districts to participate in the above events, especially the leadership trainings as we are seeking leaders to collaborate with UU Women’s Heart .

Coming soon = Listings of other events = Searchable by Country, Region, District, Congregation, and UU Women’s Spirit members.

Also be sure to visit UU Women & Religion(UUWR) for resources and listings.

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