Minerva Gatherings

First Tuesday Evenings 7:00PM-8:00PM Eastern Time

Join us for a diverse celebration of women and femininity!

Minerva Potlucks are a time for spiritual renewal and nourishment. A sacred interfaith space for women to connect with one another in spiritual exploration. Our monthly online gatherings embody the same elements of conversation, poetry, music, art and ritual as our in-person Minerva Gatherings have over the years

Bring your meal and beverage to your computer. Relax. And be in the company of other women.

(There is no charge to participate)

Also, you are welcome to join our Women’s Spirituality Facebook Group to engage in conversations and to receive updates on Zoom Links, etc: https://www.facebook.com/groups/387134935467888/

These programs are funded in part, by a generous grants from UU Funding Program, UU Women’s Connection and UU Women’s Federation, www.uuwomensconection.org www.uuwf.org and in collaboration with UU Women & Religion, www.UUWR.org and will be facilitated in large part by Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Porter-Manning, Interfaith Minister.

*Minerva is the Goddess of Wisdom and Poetry. We will share both, and more, at these gatherings.


Rev. “Twinkle” Marie Porter-Manning,  Interfaith Minister

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Minerva* New Month Women’s Circles are a time for spiritual renewal and nourishment. A safe and sacred space for all women to connect with one another in spiritual exploration.  From meditations and music, to poetry and prayer, these gatherings are a diverse celebration of women and femininity! Each month our covenant group will meet online and welcome a special guest who will share her spiritual path with us and lead us in ritual.  We will then share the content with all who wish to journey together.

We also encourage and support women to host Minerva Gatherings in their congregations and in their homes.


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In-Person Minerva Circlesminerva glide river

Minerva Gatherings & Minerva Potlucks

These gatherings are a time for spiritual renewal and nourishment.

A safe space for all women of UU (and other liberal religious) congregations to connect with one another, share food, conversation and spiritual exploration.

Based on the Jewish tradition of Rosh Chodesh (Rosh Hodesh),

the celebration of the beginning of each month in the Jewish calendar;

Minerva Gatherings are a diverse celebration of women and femininity.

Minerva is the Goddess of Wisdom and Poetry.  

Both are shared at these monthly potlucks and gatherings.

  • We encourage you to establish a monthly date on your congregation’s calendar where all the women of your community may gather.  An important offering for women in your congregation to more deeply connect with each other.  These potlucks can also be used as an outreach -whereby you may invite women in your extended communities to attend.  As well as an inter-faith, where you reach across the street to other denominations inviting their women to participate in your gatherings.
  • Should you wish to be coached on how to create and host your own Minerva Gathering, please reach out to TwinkleManning@gmail.com

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SPECIAL THANKS TO Margaret Steward of First Parish in Concord, MA Unitarian Universalist Congregation and her Women’s Goddess Covenant Circle for bringing this to life all those years ago.

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We have an online offering coming soon:

  • Virtual Minerva Gathering on the new moon each month.  These will be in Zoom/GoogleHangout format, where attendees can log in, submit and share poetry, questions, spiritual connection, and even co-host.  Each month topic or theme will be given in advance of the gathering.   These are typically hosted by the Founder of UU Women’s Heart: “Twinkle” Marie Manning from her retreat home in Maine.  Twinkle welcomes women who wish to host, co-host, or be a visible guest on the website, to please email her directly at: TwinkleManning@gmail.com Archives of the online Minerva Gatherings will be made available online, depending on the content’s sensitivity, to view anytime.

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For details about inspirations, visit http://twinklesplace.org/minerva-comes-to-life/

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